Beauty for Ashes Participant

I am so grateful for the opportunity of attending the Beauty for Ashes class. This class has been my starting point of my journey to become healed from past and present hurt that has happened to me. Before Beauty for Ashes I felt like as an introverted individual that I wouldn't be able to participate fully or engage myself in the process of expressing my feelings and emotions. I didn't believe talking to a therapist would in anyway or form or fashion help me with being healed, upon attending Beauty for Ashes I can now say that I attend therapy every week whether in person or over the phone I truly am being healed in areas of my life that I have been so hurt or just angry about. Mrs.Flowers has a way of teaching that helps me trust and believe that although the" layers of the onion "called life have been peeling away a lot of past trauma that affected my present has been healed and the process doesn't just stop there it keeps going. I also am inspired by the way she gave us the Diamond project which made us research our favorite diamond of choice and to apply it to our lives that helped me know my worth. I am a fearfully and wonderfully made woman that God has plans for.

Beauty for Ashes Participant

I have learned so much from this class; from the very beginning and working on the many faces of trauma, steps to let go of your past, to recognize what is valuable to me, and that I myself am valuable. I've learned how to let God move with me, through me, and for me. As well as how to peel back the many layers of trauma, emotions, and healing to navigate a better lifestyle. I learned how to forgive myself, and how to take responsibility, not guilt. And was able to see there is a blessing behind every hardship. Beauty for Ashes helped me decide to be free, to help others, and to know I deserve to be happy, To let go of the past and live in the present. I learned about healthy relationships, and what I seek in a healthy relationship. I now recognize the diamond in the ruff that I am, and I was able to reveal that throughout the course of this class. It has been crucial to my healing process and overcoming hardships. Being able to deal with them and process them in a healthy manner has been a breath of fresh air. This class has been an essential piece to the growth on my journey of becoming more spiritually, mentally, and physically sound.
I think what makes this class work so well is because we have an instructor - no - a teacher, a confidant, a friend, who was able to be just as vulnerable and just as open as the rest of us. Ms. Flowers is an incredible role model, and an exceptional asset to NFP and helping others find the healing that they need.
Thank you, for changing lives.

Beauty for Ashes Participant

This class had definitely made me come out of my shell and begin a healing process. I am very soft spoken and it has challenged me to be more aware of my feelings. This class has meant alot to me because I needed to get some things I had been holding in out. It has taught me to be okay with who I am. I believe that this class should continue because I guarantee that it will help me and future students understand the process of healing through your pain.

Jack DoeManager

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